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News and Events

Solar Victoria Rebate Update

The Solar Homes program is focused on ensuring customers receive a high quality product, installed safely by a qualified professional such as Energy Assist. As of July 1st 2020 Solar Victoria will reduce the eligible rebate amount to $1,850 and will continue to offer an interest free loan of up $1,850.

A rebate for battery installations will also continue up to the value of $4,174


With such uncertain times we can understand our customers may be concerned about installing solar power at this time.                                  We would like all our customers to know we can still provide updated information & quotations to you over the phone and via email.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 03 9725 4484 as soon as possible and we hope everyone stays happy and healthy!!

Thank you for supporting our local comunity

We would like to thank everyone in the community who have been supporting their local businesses and community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Energy Assist we have enjoyed meeting more local businesses and talking to business owners about their individual situations and finding ways to support them. 

It has been a tough year for everyone so Thank You for supporting local businesses by not only purchasing form them but also promoting them, and remember - be patient, be kind and keep supporting local.

Energy Assist In The News

From The Mail Newspaper

The whole nation is reeling from theThe whole nation is reeling from theexorbitant power prices.Some local residents have overcome thishuge burden by installing efficient lighting,efficient equipment and solar systems.One very happy local is resident GlenMunro of Seville.Glen was building a new home and decidedhe did not want to be connected to mainspower and rely on the electricity grid; hewanted to be in control of his own energyindependence.

Glen has an 'Off Grid' system, which was installed during the build phase of the property, with the battery installed in a shed on the property.The solar panels, in this case, are located on a ground-mount system. An off grid system has a solar panel, batterybank and a generator, which means there is no need to connect to any power company. In the 24 months since Glen's system became active, he hasn't had to pay a single power bill. As far as he's concerns, it's 'the best investment in his own financial security and energy security he could have made'.

This system was installed by a local company, ENERGY ASSIST Solar 4 You.The company has a wide range ofinnovative and effective solutions, having been involved in the power industry since 1994.They have evolved their power requirements, buy using high capacity storage batteries, allowing the client to use the stored power in the evenings when it's most needed. All systems are in-house designed and customised to suit the client's needs.

Time to go off grid? Solar 4 You have an extensive showroom and testing facility, located in Croydon, that they are happy to show interested clients through.This will give clients a real understanding of how the system works and the available benefits.If you are feeling the pinch when it comes to power bills, or are about to build a new property or even renovate - do yourself a favour and get in touch with the fantastic team of experts at Solar 4 You. Discuss your options for how you can secure energy independence today. More details at


Health Check Your Electricity Bill

Make It Cheaper are successful energy experts working across all business and residential markets.  They specialise in negotiating the best rates for customers by comparing current rates with their panel of 10 retailers. It is what they call a ‘health-check’.  Something you should do on a regular basis to ensure you are on the best deal available.  Rates and offers change; it is your prerogative to check the rate periodically and Make it Cheaper make that quick and easy. Call them today on 02 8880 4327 and tell them Energy Assist sent you, or send your bill to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free check up on your rate.