The benefits of using solar power to generate energy are becoming increasingly evident as more and more homes and businesses harness this natural resource.

cost saving

With the huge increase in power bills, the cost reductions and savings using Solar Power generation is undeniable. Let's face it, power bills are going to continue to rise!
Depending on the size and type of system you choose to install as well as the amount of electricity you use, reliance on energy companies can be reduced by thousands of dollars a year.

What's more, the savings are immediate!  As soon as the solar system is switched on, it starts generating power for your home!
Some customers can become totally self-sufficient within a few years of installing solar panels.  Some can even make money by selling the generated power back to the grid!


incentives and rebates

Under the Australian Government's Renewable Energy Target legislation, solar systems can qualify for a number of credits in the form of STCs.  These STCs have a cash value and can be used to pay for some of the installation costs.
The value depends on a number of factors, including:
• The size of your system

• Where you live

• The current market value of STCs

We will be able to calculate this for you during a site inspection and we will be able to recommend the best system for the maximum incentive.   The value of the STCs will then be deducted from the price of the installation.


environmentally sound

Solar is renewable!  The sun will always shine and there is absolutely no environmental impact on harnessing the sun's energy to generate power.  Currently, electricity is generated unsustainably by burning massive amounts of coal or extracting gas from the ground.
The environmental impact of doing this is unmeasurable.  Not only to the countryside and the planet, but to the atmosphere, where gases from burning coal are pumped into the air increasing the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.


increased property value

Having clearly established the enormous benefits of having solar power generation, it stands to reason that a property with a Solar Power system installed is going to be a more valuable investment than one without.
Houses with good Solar Panel installations have been proven to sell faster and for more money!

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