Solar power can be complicated. Our sales engineers, administrators and installers are here to help! In the meantime here are some the common questions we are asked to get you started on your solar journey.

Easy FAQs

+ - What is a Solar Power System?
+ - Why does the amount of solar energy generated differ so much?
+ - What is a feed in tariff and how much will I get paid?
+ - What size system will I need to run my home?
+ - How long will my grid connect solar power system last?
+ - What Warranty is provided with the system?
+ - Can I increase the size of my system?
+ - What happens on cloudy days?
+ - What makes up my solar system?
+ - Is there any maintenance involved?
+ - How does electricity get stored for use after the sun goes down?
+ - What happens with grid connect systems during a blackout?
+ - Can you retro-fit battery backup into a grid connect system?
+ - Does a solar system need to be specifically designed for my property?
+ - What is the installation process for solar power?
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