Roof solar panelsResidential Solar Power

What Does a Solar Power System do?

¬ Uses sunlight to generate electricity for your domestic/commercial use,
¬ Stores excess electricity in batteries for later use, or
¬ Feeds into the electricity grid to reduce your electricity bill.

A solar power system is different to a solar water heater. Solar water heaters use heat from the sun and/or surrounding air (rather than the sun) to heat water; they do not produce electricity.

Our Solar Panels use special cells called Photovoltaic (PV) Cells.  These enable the panels to convert the sun's light energy into electricity

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Benefits of a Solar Power System

  • Solar PV systems generate electricity
  • Once the system has been purchased, electricity is generated from a ‘free’ resource—the sun
  • Solar electricity is generated without emitting greenhouse gases
  • Solar panels or modules are silent, without any moving parts
  • Solar panels are generally unobtrusively mounted on an existing roof
  • Solar electricity can supplement or provide all your electrical consumption
  • Solar electricity can be fed into the grid. Additional solar modules can be added later as demand or budget grows
  • All solar panels should last for at least 25 years.


Solar Power Systems come in all shapes and sizes including

Standard solar panels on roofNew Technology

The latest technology system comprises of SMART panels on the roof with an optimiser built in. This allows for each panel to operate as an individually while still connected to a centralised inverter.


A standard installation comprises of panels strung together on the roof and an inverter connected to the home via the switchboard.


tilted solarTilted Installations

Panels can be installed on a frame on a flat roof to achieve the best tilt to absorb the sun’s rays


Ground Mount Systems

A system can be installed on frames built into the ground (for example a field or paddock). This system also involves trenches for cabling to be connected to the inverter.


Ground mounted solar panelsBatteries (off grid or hybrid)

A battery system can be either connected to the grid, or completely off grid when you have a generator installed and have no connection to main power.