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A battery bank can be installed with your solar power system at the time of installation or can be retrofitted later. The solar power generated from the system powers your home and any excess power fills the battery bank. This power can then be used when your solar system is not generating enough energy to power your home.
Furthermore, our super-effeicient power storage batteries could enable you to feed unused power back into the grid - earning you money from the power generated from your solar system!
We only supply the very best batteries on the market and will recommend the most suitable storage system for your needs and budget.

Looking for a battery system? Via our finance partner you can install your very own solar power system with a battery from just $171 per month*. OR, you can even upgrade your existing solar power system to a battery compatible inverter and battery bank from just $66 per month* Talk to us to find out more - Happy saving!                           



System Description QCell QSave Battery



System Description LG Chem Battery


Dingley, Victoria

System Description SolarEdge Battery

Park Orchards

Park Orchards

System Description Tesla Power Wall 2 Battery

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*Terms and conditions apply, valid for approved applicants 

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