Maintenance Services




solar panel maintenanceSolar Maintenance & Servicing

To ensure your system is performing at its peak it is recommended to have your system serviced every 12 – 18 months. The Energy Assist Inspection & Service Package includes:

  • Full Electrical survey of the system to ensure each panel and the inverter are operating to the expected potential
  • Check for accumulation of: - Dirt, fungus, debris, rodent damage.
  • Check condition of frames & mounting
  • Check Panels for fractures, discolouration and corrosion.
  • Check cabling system integrity
  • Clean all panels with deionised water
  • Check performance output
  • Check all roof penetrations or attachments to make sure they remain water proof
  • Update logbook findings
  • Report provided to customer


Upgrades – Solar and Switchboards

We help to ensure you currently have the best system for your needs. If you don't, we can upgrade your existing system or even install a second system to allow you to be saving as much as possible.

Many older systems were installed when the Government solar scheme offered large incentives. However, these systems were quite small and often provide lower savings than expected. A system that is correctly suited to your requirements will allow for bigger savings on your electricity bills!

From time to time our customers have their switchboards checked for a variety of reasons but mainly to ensure they are still safe.

Typically, when a switchboard is upgraded we find non-compliant electrical work which leads to ineffeciency and a variety of safety issues.