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An  Inverter is connected to the solar panels on the roof and converts the DC electricity from the solar panels to AC electricity to feed into your home or back into the grid.

Microinverters are devices used on each solar panel that converts DC power to AC power rather than a single centralised inverter. The output from microinverters is combined and often fed into your home or the electricity grid.

A Hybrid inverter serves the same purpose as a grid connect inverter by converting DC to AC and feeding into  your home or back to the grid. However, these inverters are specifically deisgned to link into batteries, as they have the ability to continue to power your home using the battery storage, even during power outages.

An off-grid system is designed to work stand-alone, suitable for people who have no connection from the grid to their property.

The Inverter is an essential component in any solar power system.  The efficiency that an inverter works at will dictate the efficiency of the whole system.  Because of this Energy Assist has partnered with the leading Inverter manufacturers, so that our customers get the maximum benefit from their renewable energy source!

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