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Solar Panels (or PV modules) collect the sunlight and convert it into electricity. 

Energy Assist only uses high quality tier 1 panels in installations to ensure the best quality systems.

Traditional systems connect a string of panels together. This means that the string output will be dictated by the lowest performing panel (affected by shade, soiling etc).In recent years, "SMART" panels have been introduced. A SMART panel has an embedded optimiser which ensures each panel performs to it's maximum potential. 

Smart Modules eliminate this issue by maximising the performance of each panel as an individual unit. The performance of a Smart system normally outputs over 10% more than traditional systems.

Separate optimisers can be mounted with any panel to allow flexibilty with your installation and system design.

Panels come in a variety of sizes and colours, including their frames and backing. Some prefer fully black or black frame panels for aesthetic qualities. Energy Assist offer all these options in our range of panels.

Energy Assist partners with the worlds' foremost developers of solar generating technologies, to provide you with the best system available.